Complete protection for your Application Software and Data

Metaforic's revolutionary product suite enables software creators to automatically protect their Applications & Data so that deployed instances are self-defending from the moment they are released; protected from subversion, theft, tampering, or other corruption.

Customers find Metaforic products easy to use, have near-zero runtime impact, and enable applications to defend themselves from the inside out. Case studies show that Metaforic technology provides considerably more protection (10x-100x) than competing approaches, and provides best-in-class performance.

  • Financial Institutions use Metaforic to ensure that their mobile application security have not been compromised and their customers’ data is not at risk.
  • Enterprise Software OEMs protect their BYOD/MAM containers and 3rd party apps from subversion, thus preventing critical data loss at thier customers.
  • Content Providers use Metaforic protected player and DRM applications, protecting DTV content from unauthorised exploitation & piracy, thus protecting revenues.
  • Embedded Developers use Metaforic to ensure that their devices, such as network routers, Avionics & Telematics, M2M devices or Medical Devices, have not been compromised and continue operating as built.

Metaforic products are available for virtually any operating platform, including mobile, embedded, desktop and server and include:

  • Metaforic Core™- The core software immune system; required for the other offerings.
  • Metaforic Authenticator™– Ensures an application is in constant communication with an authentication device or cloud service.
  • Metaforic Concealer™– Hides sensitive data (e.g., encryption keys) and obfuscates sensitive code.
  • Metaforic WhiteBox™– Protects Data at Rest, Data in Transit and Data in Use, bringing complete communications privacy, encryption key protection and data security to critical applications.